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Auto Tap's services include vapor degreasing, barrel batch shot blasting, third party sorting, tapping and drilling, packing and assembly as well as many other services to meet your metal cleaning needs.

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Auto-Tap, Inc.

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For a quick quote on any of our services, contact us today. We work with many industries and verticals ranging from automotive parts and agricultural equipment to consumer goods.

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Examples of Parts Cleaned

At Auto-Tap, we handle a wide variety of parts like washers, brackets, shock towers, exhaust manifolds, engine manifolds, springs, luggage roof racks, auto parts, metric bolts, radiator housings and more. Call us today for more information.


Vapor Degreasing and Metal Cleaning

Since 1977, Auto-Tap, Inc. has provided quality metal cleaning and related operations such as vapor degreasing, parts sorting and packaging, tapping, drilling and assembling.

Our experienced professionals offer fast turn around time, and in many cases, same day turn around, to meet your fast-paced, "just in time" needs. Auto-Tap is conveniently located in Cleveland Ohio's west side and is easily accessible between I-71 and I-90. Our facility features two docks to ensure rapid load and unload time for vans, trucks and semis.


  • Vapor Degreasing
  • Barrel Batch Shot Blasting
  • Third Party Sorting
  • Tapping and Drilling
  • Packing and Assembly
  • Rust Proofing

Contact us today at 216-671-1043 for more information about our services and for a quick quote.

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