Shot Blasting - Rust Removal

Shot Blasting is a good way to prepare a metal surface for painting, plating, and E-coating. It can also remove rust and scale caused by heat treating.

We use a GOFF tumbling unit with a 6 cubic feet capacity. We can run small lots of parts or small to medium run production parts. After we shot blast your parts we can add our rust inhibitor solution. Your parts will be clean and safe from rust, until your plater or painter can process them, or they can be shelved for up to 6 months.

The GOFF Barrel Shot Blaster uses an airless technique and throws the shot to the rotating belt. A spinning wheel controls the force and pressure the shot is thrown. Although there are many sizes of shot, we use number 70, a fine grit to minimize any pitting on the surface of the metal.

Cleveland Shot Blasting

The GOFF Barrel Blast machines are proven in the following industries: die casting, automotive component and the engine remanufacturing, heat treat, investment cast, foundries, shot peening and forging; as well as numerous other surface preparation and cleaning applications.

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