Machine Tapping and Drilling

Auto-Tap uses Snow and Procurnier Tapping Machines to service your needs of most secondary operations such as drilling, tapping, and countersinking. Machines with multi heads can tap or drill two or more holes, up to six, at a time, and can tap holes up to one inch. We provide PPAP and FMEA when required. Whether it's one thousand or one million parts per year, we can provide affordable pricing and low tooling charges. Please contact us for a quote.

After your product is tapped we can Vapor Degrease and if required apply a Rust Inhibiting water soluble agent. As an added service we can pack the parts in boxes or totes per instructions. To assure that all the holes are tapped and the product is conforming, we inspect all product 100% for the presence of threads so no defective product can get to your customer.

You can call us for a quick quote at 216-671-1043 or fill out this form for a rapid quote on machine tapping, drilling or countersinking services.