Metal Cleaning Services

Vapor Degreasing: An effective method for cleaning all types of metal surfaces, from all types of grease and oils. It works by heating perchloroethylene to a boil, causing it to vaporise. The hot vapor then rises up to the cooling coils, cools, liquefies, and drips to the bottom of the tank, washing the stamping oils off the metal stampings.

Barrel shot blasting: A preferred and safe procedure for cleaning imperfections from metal surfaces. The airless blast wheel is the "heart" of the system. These centrifugal wheels have an internal impeller and blade design, which slings the shot at the parts. The blast wheel acts much like a pump. The blast wheel impeller and blades are revolving at 3600 RPM's and propel the steel shot from 250 to 300 ft. per second.

Packing, and sorting: Our team of experienced sorting technicians provide fast, accurate hands for handling of any metal, plastic, or paper product. We can also , sort for, and isolate defects, and non-conformities, and recover otherwise lost inventory.

Tapping and Drilling: We provide secondary operations, such as Tapping, Drilling, Countersinking, De-burring, Reaming, and Thread chasing. Our multi head machines are equipped to handle production runs on your parts, with fast and accurate continuity.

Assembling: From putting exact amounts of nuts and washers into small plastic bags, to torquing bolts onto precision machined parts Auto-Tap will put together with speed and accuracy any requirements you may have.